Actress Whose Mother Is Her Best Friend, Tells All

Actress Whose Mother Is Her Best Friend, Tells All

Galway actress India Ó Ceallachain has revealed she tore up the rulebook for a hard hitting interview she granted to Western Woman Magazine in her own bedroom.

In an intensely private conversation which the Macnas torchbearer bravely agreed to share with readers, she blew the lid off her family’s ‘complicated internal dynamic’.

“I believe my mother has influenced me more than anyone else’s mother,” she said, folding her arms defiantly, “and I make no apologies for saying so!”

Ó Ceallachain also spoke of the difficult medical conditions that have plagued her short career to date.

“As a fiercely independent woman who also suffers from crippling anxiety,” she explained, “I often have trouble deciding when to leave a party?”

“But there’s a ‘teachable moment’ in all of this,” she continued, “because I want to say ‘Shine on, my fellow warriors‘ to every other woman fighting to be interviewed by a glossy magazine?”

If I can just save one other woman from that fate, she added, then ‘the pain that I carry around inside me every single day, will have been worth it all’.

This, she observed, is because, like so many other women, she knows why the caged bird sings!

India, whose birth name is Sadbh, admitted she longs for the day when she’ll get paid to reheat industry cliches like, ‘I just fell in love with the script’.

“The cast really felt like one big family,” she added wistfully, “that’s another turkey I’d love to throw around”.

“But most of all,” she stressed, “I just want to thank my mother for unleashing and enabling and empowering and awaking and arming and incentivising me?”