Corporate Ireland The Original “Dead Poet’s Society”

Corporate Ireland The Original “Dead Poet’s Society”

Prior to being gently removed from The Ramble Inn, poet Richard Sheridan issued yet another blistering, ‘final manifesto statement’ against Ireland’s ‘Dead Poet’s Society’.

The announcement drew amused applause, along with the traditionally insincere request to ‘Say a few words on behalf of the small farmer?’

Despite regular pleas from barman and proprietor Eamon Halligan, not to be ‘a messy drinker,’ Sheridan repeatedly attempted to ‘hold a mirror up to society’ as represented by the Galway pub’s jaded patrons.

Until eventually, the 27 year old found himself appealing to Halligan’s ‘own personal integrity,’ in an entirely unsuccessful attempt to reverse his expulsion.

Halligan readily agreed that ‘All bankers are, essentially, cunts’. He also agreed that “They’ll engrave your work on marble walls, sculpt you in bronze and proclaim your genius, as soon as you’re ‘dead as a fucking doornail’.”

However he still insisted on Richard’s departure. Assuring him, once outside the door, that it was only a matter of time before he won the Hennessy New Irish Writing Award for Poetry.

“No matter,” Halligan confirmed as he closed the outer door, “how many string-pulling pricks there are behind the scenes!”