Castlebar Man Not Sold “A Gay Computer”

Castlebar Man Not Sold “A Gay Computer”

A local man appearing before Judge Fiona Leyden today at Castlebar District Court, was described as a ‘bloody nuisance’.

Castlebar man Gerry Beaton explained to the court that he’d bought a laptop “off the Harvey Norman lad over on Breafy Road”.

Asked what he meant by this, Beaton said an employee wearing a name tag that said ‘Norman’ had served him, “so I put two and two together, like?”

Judge Leyden warned Beaton to get to the point, as her patience was wearing thin.

He replied that the computer immediately started showing him “gay stuff”.

Asked by Judge Leyden if he’d been looking for “gay stuff” on his computer, Beaton claimed he’d only been looking at a dating website for girls.

At this point, Judge Leyden was handed a piece of paper by the court clerk.

“By any chance,” the judge asked, “was the name of the dating website you were looking at called Grindr?”

Beaton winked at her and said, “Twas yer honour, are ya on there yerself?

Dismissing the case, Leyden warned Beaton’s solicitor to ‘think very carefully’ in future about taking cases that were a waste of the court’s time.

Gardai were subsequently forced to remove Beaton from the court, after he repeatedly tried to hand the judge a piece of paper on which he’d written his mobile no.

He could could be heard screaming “Coercive control”, as he was taken away.