Dolores Taught Me How To Make Wings Out Of My Own Dandruff

Dolores Taught Me How To Make Wings Out Of My Own Dandruff

“When I first heard Dolores sing about being hammered, it was so amazing,” Trish Durcan, performance artist and lead singer of The Muirsheen Durkins said, “because I was fucking nailed at the time?”

“I asked myself ‘Who is this anonymous little girl who at the same time, is such a famous powerful woman, daring to sing about a subject that is still absolutely taboo in Ireland today?'”

“She taught me so many valuable lessons,” Durcan added, “lessons I’m still learning every single day. What balls she had, what sass!”

“I remember when the first album came out, every party I went to I made a big scene and stopped everything. Then I made them put it on,” she said defiantly.

“People often pointed out that it was already on when I came in but I simply refused to be silenced.”

The Durkins lead singer observed that now that she has a child of her own, she not only relates to Dolores ‘as a woman’ but also as a lover and a mother and a sister and a daughter and, above all, an occasional cider drinker.

“Whenever I drink cider, I know I’m fighting the patriarchy and that she’s there with me in spirit? And suddenly I’m overwhelmed by the heartbreaking beauty of it all.”