Hollywood To Remake Dunkirk As American Success

Hollywood To Remake Dunkirk As American Success

Director Jonathon Mostow has announced plans for a new movie about Dunkirk which will depict American vessels evacuating British troops under the noses of German forces.

It is believed that his new film will recast British war heroes as a group of hardy American naval officers, as did U-571, his previous movie about the capture of the Enigma machine.

Mostow responded to criticisms of U-571 by saying “a movie can’t be expected to get every single fact right”.

“American audiences want American heroes,” a spokesman added, “just like British ones want British heroes.”

He pointedly refused to deny Irish actor Brendan Gleeson would portray Winston Churchill as ‘a gum chewing American admiral’ who takes charge of the Dunkirk evacuation.

The Battle of Britain is thought to be next in line to receive the ‘special relationship’ treatment, in Mostow’s third and final WWII movie.