It’s ‘Specific’ Not ‘Pacific’, Woman Tells Brexiteer

It’s ‘Specific’ Not ‘Pacific’, Woman Tells Brexiteer

“I don’t need anyone ta interprate my words,” Tony Corbett snapped at Olivia Cleary, last night in Galway City’s Ramble Inn.

“How I pranounce thim is my business anyways,” the thirty one year old construction surveyor continued irritably, oblivious to the primary teacher’s open mouthed horror.

“Basides,” Corbett sneered, “whether public sector workers in thur ivry towers eevin understands Brexit, is a mute pint.”

As Cleary’s sister Angela (28) returned from the bar with a round of drinks, she was aghast to find her fiance and sister glaring at each other.

Nearby, ‘early drinker’ Thos J. Guiney raised an eyebrow at barman and proprietor Eamon Halligan.

“Those two sound like they’re on the verge of nukilear war”, Halligan deadpanned.

“I wouldn’t misunderestimate the chances of it,” Guiney earnestly replied, “so I hope they do their upmost ta avide it.”