Marriage Is ‘A Controlling Relationship’

Marriage Is ‘A Controlling Relationship’

‘Early drinker’ Thos J. Guiney landed himself in hot water Sunday evening at the Ramble Inn when he inadvertently answered a question he hadn’t been asked.

As he scanned the racing results, Mr. Guiney unconsciously suspended his internal editor, briefly allowing it the free reign he had denied it, for most of his adult life.

Meanwhile Mr. Guiney’s wife Kathleen, in conversation with barman and proprietor Eamon Halligan, used a phrase he was not familiar with.

“Tell me Kathleen,” he asked carefully, as he wiped the counter with a cloth, “what exactly does ‘a controlling relationship’ mean?”

At which point Mr. Guiney absentmindedly replied, “Marriage?”

Regulars say that shortly afterwards, as the couple hurriedly left, Mrs. Guiney was overheard saying, “You can forget about chips too!”