Truth Is The First Casualty Of Boris Johnson

Truth Is The First Casualty Of Boris Johnson

In war, every bit as much as in peace it transpires, the first casualty of Boris Johnson, is truth.

But with his suggestion that the EU was on a par with the energetically murderous regime of Vladimir Putin, Johnson stunned even his staunchest critics.

“If Vladimir Putin could like that on Twitter,” one groaned, “he would!”

“The only similarity between Brexit and Ukraine,” another said, “is that Putin ordered both of them.”

“Once again Boris tries to be Winston Churchill,” a former admirer complained, “but ends up being Billy Bunter.”

( Billy Bunter was a lazy, racist, deceitful & conceited fictional character who featured in a series set in a British public boarding school, in the first half of the 20th century. )

Johnson is regularly said to be ‘privately distraught’ that unlike President Zelenskiy, he is never favourably compared to Britain’s wartime leader.

“Even the most pro-Tory columnists refuse, point blank, to see any parallels between Churchill and the PM,” a Tory party aide confided, “sober or drunk!”