Woman Agrees To Life Of Premeditated Sex

Woman Agrees To Life Of Premeditated Sex

Kerry Gleeson thrilled close friends and family earlier today when she finally said goodbye to the random propositioning of passing strangers that had led to her being dubbed ‘Lady Luck’ in most of Galway’s nightclubs.

Speaking under the strictest conditions of anonymity, she revealed she’d recently experienced such a drought of suitable partners, she’d reluctantly signed up to a lifetime of timetabled sexual encounters.

“We’ve decided on Monday nights at 9.30pm,” she said, “as that suits our schedules best.”

Husband Seanie ‘Madman’ Madden said it was ‘a bit like Fianna Fail and Fine Gael’.

“Whatever she misses out on in terms of spontaneity and magic,” the ‘hardy buck’ Mayo developer winked, “I’ll make up for in terms of confidence and supply.”