Woman Refuses To Accept Belief In Aliens And Astrology Incompatible

Woman Refuses To Accept Belief In Aliens And Astrology Incompatible

“So the orbits of Jupiter and Saturn affect any life throughout the Milky Way, is that right?” Rob Cunningham hotly demanded of Ballinasloe shop assistant & ‘astrology practitioner’ Myra Dwane, late last night in Minnie O’Sullivan’s pub.

Cunningham sat back and folded his arms afterwards, conscious that he had neatly summed up the dilemma facing his best friend’s new girlfriend. A task made more difficult than it should have been, he felt, due to the need to appear to treat her with an outward show of respect, that far outweighed his true opinion of ‘the ancient art of astrology’.

Meanwhile, best friend Fergal Ryan reordered, acutely aware the time was fast approaching when the proprietor and ageing spinster, Mary ‘Minnie’ O’Sullivan, would surreptitiously attempt to signal a passing garda footpatrol, to clear the pub for her.

Initially at least, Dwayne did not answer the question. However, after a pause, she leant forward and informed Mr Strong that she had once visited a fortune teller in Dublin, who knew ‘everything about her’. How, she smirked archly, do you explain that!

Cunningham, breathing noisily for a moment or two, said nothing by way of reply. But then the pharmacist and amateur astronomer, raised a fresh pint of Guinness to his lips and drank it in one go.

Afterwards, he muttered something under his breath to Ryan that suggested he was under a great strain but observers were unable to make out the precise nature of his remarks.